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Choral Conducting Materials by Donald Neuen and Patrick Freer:

Basic to Advanced Conducting Technique

Working with the Singer  In and Out of Rehearsal

LEARN basic and advanced conducting techniques as well as choral singing and choral music methods for all levels from the acclaimed conductor of the Crystal Cathedral Choir and UCLA professor Donald Neuen.

WATCH the brilliant educator and musician Patrick K. Freer of Georgia State University show you how to bring success to your middle-school singers as they go through the difficult years of the changing voice. 

PUT our soft-cover book Empower the Choir! in your singers' hands so they will be able to see in clear print and engaging illustrations all those crucial instructions and explanations about choral singing that you've been giving them in rehearsal.

Through our choral conducting videos and books, Choral Excellence Press of Fayston, Vermont brings the joy of conducting and teaching choral music and choral singing to directors of school choruses, community choruses and church choirs all over the world.

Special Offer, Choral Conducting Videos in Waitsfield, VT
One FREE copy of EMPOWER THE CHOIR will be sent with any order which includes the 5-DVD set, "Choral Techniques and Methods, the 7-DVD "Master Set," or the 3-DVD set, "Success for Adolescent Singers."


The Donald Neuen videos and book:

With more than fifty years of experience, world-renowned choral conductor Donald Neuen is featured in our series of five easy-to-view, easy-to-understand DVDs, Choral Techniques and Methods, as he teaches a class of professional teachers and conductors his proven methods for working with the choir to bring out their best in choral music and choral singing.  As Distinguished Professor of Conducting, Conductor of the UCLA Chorale, Director of Choral Activities, and Director of Graduate Conducting Studies at UCLA, as well as Cathedral Choir Director for the Crystal Cathedral and for the Hour of Power internationally televised worship service, Neuen provides you with invaluable information based on decades of directing choirs in the classroom and before audiences. An additional two-part video series, Artistic Musical Conducting, focuses directly on clarity of conducting gestures, use (or not) of the baton, and other issues of communication between the conductor and the singers or orchestra.

Choral Excellence Press has produced these seven videos in choral conducting instructionArtistic Musical Conducting is a two-DVD series introducing the art of conducting (Beginning and Advanced); Choral Techniques and Methods is a five-DVD series illustrating ways of working with the singers, covering the topics of  "Energy , Beauty and Placement," "Individual Section Characteristics," "A Unified Approach to Vowel Formation," "The Power of Words," and "Rhythmic Interest and Forward Motion." As a companion to the techniques and methods series, contributing editor Piero Bonamico has assembled our acclaimed conducting book, Empower the Choir ~ Concepts for Singers, which extracts from the five videos that information which the conductor most wants the singers to have.

The Patrick Freer videos and booklet:

Patrick K. Freer is Associate Professor of Choral Music Education at Georgia State University in Atlanta, offering programs at the baccalaureate, masters and Ph.D. levels. He holds the B.M. and M.M. degrees from Westminster Choir College and the Ed.D. from Teachers College, Columbia University.
Freer is such a sought-after teacher of teachers that he has presented seminars and conducting masterclasses about choral music, choral singing and choral conducting in thirty-five states and fourteen countries (so far!), is a frequent guest conductor of all-state choruses, and has made over a hundred presentations at regional, national and international conferences (so far!).

Choral Excellence Press has been honored to produce a three-video set and booklet featuring Freer hard at work with a widely-varying group of young singers: Success for Adolescent Singers ~ Unlocking the potential in middle-school choirs. The first DVD, "The Singer: Finding the Adolescent Voice," includes sections on meeting the students, incorporating movement and imagery, creating appropriate vocal groupings, developing a flexible teaching approach, and embracing the adolescent singer and learner. In the second disc, "The Choir: Developing the Optimal Rehearsal," Freer moves from the introduction--From Research to Rehearsal--through the topics of attention and focus, supporting student learning, maximizing effectiveness during rehearsals, group voice building with changing voices and what happens when things don't go as planned, to choral rehearsals and student learning. In the last DVD, "The Individual: Exploring the Changing Voice," we see Patrick Freer talking to kids about the changing voice and working individually first with boys and then with girls. He also discusses repertoire selection, pedagogical implications, and how to meet the challenge of working with this age group.  A section of interviews with the students themselves is priceless. Throughout the series, Freer pauses occasionally to converse casually with a young woman middle school teacher/conductor about the sections just past. Some parts of the third video are particularly appropriate for showing to students.

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